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Reefer Madness

"Probably the most engaging of the lot is Lori Alan as Mae, Jack's girlfriend with the heart of gold. Every subtle nuance that you can wring out of her character she goes for." - Melinda Schupmann, Showmag

"Standouts in the cast include Lori Alan who's comedic timing as Mae is so expert that I predict this lady's talent will take her very far." - Kenny Morse, CBS Radio 1110 AM

CRITICS CHOICE! "Rarity of rarities, the show kicks off with a snappy title number helped immeasurably by performers on the period-perfect order of Lori Alan." - Michael Phillips, Los Angeles Times

"Some standout performers are Lori Alan (Torti's mistress and drug slave)." - T.S. Kerrigan, American Reporter

"In short order, we meet a bizarre group of broadly etched caricatures, including...Mae (the hilarious Lori Alan), a depraved reefer den hostess." - Les Spindle, Frontiers

"Lori Alan’s Mae offers a sadly comical justification for her abuse-ridden relationship with pusher Jack because of her dependency on "The Stuff." - Julio Martinez, Daily Variety

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