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Lori accepts the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences Award for Outstanding Body of Work



I want Lori to 

coach me!!!


Study voiceovers with Family Guy's Diane Simmons, Spongebob's Pearl the Whale, Toy Story 3's Bonnie's Mom, The Boss from the Metal Gear Solid video game series, spokesperson for The Automobile Club, Valspar Paint, Delsym, the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, NBC and thousands of other animated series, commercials and promos! 

We’ll focus on Commercial, Animation, finding “your” own voice, and unique characters because you ARE a storyteller! What you bring to the microphone is unique. Together we will empower your voice for everything from L'Oreal, to the 6 O'clock News, to The Cartoon Network.


*Due to Covid I am only offering private and group coaching via Skype, Zoom or Facetime. Anywhere in the world!



A solid hour of time with me where we hone in on your unique skills and interest in the voiceover world. There are many choices for how we spend our time depending on how far you are into your voiceover career. If you’re starting from the beginning - have no fear my dear, all levels of experience are welcome here! We can spend our time going over the basics and continue on to manufacturing a complete voiceover demo production including direction. We can work on finding solid POV using audition copy and practicing improv to keep you loosened up and active in scene and dialogue to prepare you for your auditions. Some people may just want to brush up on their audition skills after a tough year and I am here for you get you back on your feet. 


For my more seasoned VO friends who are further along in your career, you will have different needs and may want to discuss the business, marketing, representation and I am happy to get creative with you to figure out how to best market yourself to a growing voiceover employer base. We can tweak your demo reels and add options where it could be lacking. Some may also want to discuss failed auditions and lack of callbacks and job bookings, and I am happy to review your read/choices and discuss adjustments to make sure you are making clear performance choices to help you nail it next time.


My goal is to give you my full attention and effort during our time to keep you confident in your reads, both at the audition and on the job. Good for you for following your dreams, I wish you the best of luck! 

1 hour session - $300

To secure your coaching session please click the blue Venmo button below or send to @lori-alan using your Venmo app.***

*** Please contact me if you would prefer to use PayPal. 

Make sure to leave a note with your purchase that states your name!


Questions about coaching? Let's chat:

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