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Lori's coaching helped

me to find and bring to life a unique, authentic point of view while 'telling the story.' With her fantastic guidance and support I nailed it and booked the job!

-Christina Kelley

(American Airlines, The Walking Company, Judge Judy: Justice Served, and soon to be heard on NBC 4-Los Angeles)

Lori is an amazing animation voice over coach! Her extensive experience and talent was so helpful during our sessions. She coached me for my new animation demo, and not only was it an amazing experience, but I've gotten such great feedback and auditions from my new demo. She is a goldmine of information in terms of the inner workings of the industry and tips and tricks for creating a character and booking jobs.

-Arianna Ratner

Lori Alan was born to do this. Lori is a true performer and her ability, instincts and raw talent can be counted on in any casting situation. And with that gift, she can make any project behind the mic, come to life. I know if I have Lori on a casting call, my clients are happy. I have also seen Lori share these gifts in v/o workshops. Her coaching can help a talent go from blocked to booked. It's magic!

Mary Lynn Wissner

Owner/Casting Director Voices Voicecasting

Lori is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with! She has helped me with voice over, on camera, and theatre auditions. And she is brilliant at all of these fields! My animation demo that she coached and co-directed with Susan Paylo has helped me book many voice over jobs, and help me get an incredible voice over agent.  She also just coached me on a callback that I booked!  Two recurring roles on a new animated series!  With Lori, I feel safe to be silly, have fun, and play.  I always feel supported and pushed to make interesting, specific choices.  Her warmth, humor, and generosity are so important to me in a coach and mentor, and I just can't recommend her enough! 

-Jeff Danis,

President DPN Talent Agency

I have repped Lori in the voice over world for more than 20 years. She knows how to “do it” and she knows how to “teach it”... She is truly one of the best there is out there today!!

-Sidney Clifton

Production Executive/Producer Bento Box Entertainment

Lori Alan is a force of voiceover nature!

Equally versatile, reliable, flexible, personable and empathetic, she is one of my "go-to" actors in the voiceover world. I cannot say enough to convey my gratitude and awe of her amazing talents. Her gifts as an actor, friend and teacher raise the bar in any endeavor. I highly recommend Lori on all levels with no hesitation.

Lori has helped me find the breath I needed to give life to my characters. She is an amazing coach and cheerleader who wants nothing more than to see you succeed.

-Jen Davis

-Ian Mackay

Voice Over Artist

Lori's lessons helped me find the confidence to attempt character voice work. She will help you find and refine all those voices in your head and give them a unique perspective for the demo. In the process, you'll gain a talented friend/supporter with two big, lovable dogs to pet during your lessons.

I've been lucky enough to have had the honor of representing such a true talent for the past few years, Ms Lori Alan. Her expertise and attention to detail when perfecting her trade is a quality that doesn't come walking through the door every day. She's unique, versatile, and Im convinced that she is one of the hardest workers in hollywood. Taking even a few tips from Lori is backed by a lifetime of knowledge. I'd highly recommend her as your next teacher and even more so -leading lady in your next star studded project!

-Trish Ryan,

Talent Agent, DPN Talent

-Jenna Green

Voice Over Actress

In our top story tonight, studies show that actress Lori Alan is, in fact, one of the greatest voice coaches of all time...Turns out, I don't really speak like THAT. And Lori, a truly great coach, taught me how to drop the bad habits and "talk how I talk," which has made all the difference in booking jobs. I am forever grateful to Lori for sharing her talent and knowledge with me! And now...back to you, Diane!

                  Lori is not only a great coach but she's just a fun               person to be around. I coached with Lori before        making my animation demo and I'm so happy that I did.

She really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and didn't give up when I was having a hard time getting an accent down. She also helped me to really get into the zone of a character by giving me some great tips that I use regularly. Since coaching with Lori and having her produce my amazing animation demo with Susan Palyo, I've been booking way more animation work. Lori's great, end of story. 

-Charlotte Ann

I've known Lori nearly since my start in the

VO business 7 years ago. When you work with

her you know you'll get amazing results, consistent quality from her home studio, and good laugh or two along the way. She's the consummate professional but knows how to make it fun for everyone. As a bonus, she knows the right way to say "hoagie" like a true Southeast PA local would at the flip of a switch. I love Lori!

-George Whittam

Director Technology Department

We've had the privilege of knowing Lori Alan both personally and professionally for years. She graciously and enthusiastically appeared as a guest on our global voice over web show, VO Buzz Weekly. During our spirited interview, Lori offered our viewers tremendous insights on life, working in the entertainment business and of course, gave extraordinary tips that every actor could use. Lori is a beautiful hybrid of versatility, limitless talents, generosity, humor, creativity, resilience, honesty and fearlessness. She brings all these wonderful attributes to her work as an actor and most especially to her work as a coach. Her experience as a performer and ability to tell a story is unmatched and allows her to effectively draw out the very best in her students. She is without a doubt an actor's best friend and advocate and creates a supportive, fun atmosphere that encourages exciting and brilliant things to come out of her students. Anyone who is truly serious about finding their voice and building a career that is unstoppable should carve out the time and funds to work with Lori Alan. She is A-MAY-ZING!!!


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